Polite Little Guy

I had one of those busy days, the kind where it feels like the things I manage to accomplish get done in bits and pieces. And the list of things that didn’t get done? Well, I barely made a dent in it. I hardly found time to smile about much. I never once looked out the window to see the sun shining. In fact there didn’t seem to be a single moment when I stopped to appreciate one thing about the day.

I hustled out the door at quitting time, and turned right back around before it locked behind me. I’d forgotten the FedEx package that needed to be dropped in the drop box by the building exit. Soon enough, I was heading down the elevator with my package in hand.

At the bottom of the escalator, I turned right toward the drop box and as I was dropping the package in, I was vaguely aware of movement close behind me. I turned to head toward the exit doors and in front of me, I saw the “movement.” It was a young daddy with two little boys in tow. They were so cute, wearing licensed sports hats on their heads and hooded sweatshirts, unzipped and swaying back and forth as the boys skipped and ran circles around Daddy.

They reached the lobby doors before me. Littlest Brother was the last to pass through and he saw me coming not far behind him. Like a true little gentleman, he stopped his antics and stood up proudly, holding that big door open for me so that I could pass through. He was so tiny and the door so big, it had to be a tremendous effort for him. But he stayed put until I came through the doorway. He nearly broke my heart with his cuteness and proper manners. I thanked him and gave him the biggest smile I’d felt all day long. And just as quickly, he was off to continue skipping and circling around his dad.

Me? I kept smiling all the way to my car.

The little guy in the middle was my Prince Charming today!