I Won’t Cry Over This

I wanted to let him go a long time ago, but I just couldn’t do it. When I went back to work full time, I thought I might end it. I suggested it to him then, but he convinced me to keep him around. He insisted we could make it work. And we did, for a while.

But now, the time has come. The kids are growing up and leaving home. I don’t need him anymore. I only kept him around for the sake of the children anyway, and frankly, I just don’t see any reason to continue this relationship any longer.

People would often ask which one of the kids looked most like him. I always assured them that none of them did.

For years, he gave me just what I needed, without fail, on Tuesday mornings. In the kitchen. Yes, we had a designated day and the kitchen is where it happened. But I no longer want what he has to offer. And I told him so.

A few weeks ago, I gave him until the end of the month. He took it pretty well. I reminded him this morning that next week is the end of the line for us. He said he knew, and he’d be ready to call it quits by then. I was surprised at how strong he seemed even as we talked about our last days together. There might have been a tear in his eye, but I’m not sure. He’s hiding his sadness well.

Call me calloused, but I don’t even think I’ll miss him that much. I’m sure he’ll miss me much more than I’ll miss him. I’ll always be grateful for the years we had together, but I’m ready to do this on my own now.

So… is there an appropriate “good-bye” gift for the milk man?